UDCRF - Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation

Digital Currencies


The Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation, an entity set up by the United Humanitarian Trust foundation (UHTf) in conjunction with the digitalReserve, as the Official Digital Currency issuer of the four chosen Digital Currencies in various denominations. All currencies are tracking not pegged to the Euro giving us the flexibility to track other currencies for the benefit of us all in times of financial crisis around the world. The coins being issued are as follows:

This is done in the various denominations available, so that UDCRF can allow all levels of people in poverty, the unbanked as they call them, to be accommodated and to allow micro-finance to thrive to assist in lifting the some three billion people out of poverty and allowing them to participate in global recovery and prosperity. It also allows every level of trade and financing to take place from individuals to SME’s, from major corporations to traders, from banks to governments, and lastly for foundations such as UHTf to fund major projects globally without being hindered by anything and anyone.

The new UDCRF wallet allows all four new Digital Currency denominations inside and will include Load Debit Card System and Wires for transferring larger amounts inside the existing Fiat Based Banking System.

Further enhancements coming soon will be 4DEX and the Digital Mall. 4DEX will be the ultimate trading platform, whilst the Digital Mall will offer full access to a virtual shopping mall where you can use your wallet and all four Digital Currencies to purchase online.

Digital Reserve

Welcome to the digitalReserve, an entity set up by the United Humanitarian Trust Foundation (UHTf) to bring forward new financial systems and mechanisms for transactions, secure storage of wealth and value for long-term prosperity to Nations around the world. Transferring value between Nations, as well as funding large scale and long term projects, using our secure robust instruments in the form of our coin based digital asset technology and procedures for implementing humanity’s journey into the future.

The sections below provide you with a brief insight into the various digital coins we are offering for the implementation of our vision and delivery of our goals. Including but is not limited to a series of Bondcoins, Goldcoin and our new digital currency with online wallet, UDCRF.


Our digital Bondcoins are developed and designed as a robust, stable and secure replacement of Bonds usually issued by Nations as Medium Term Notes (MTN) and Long Term Notes (LTN). Our digital Bondcoins allow Nations, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds and other groups to put their Capital Funds into a hybrid coin-based, bond replacement program. Bondcoins are purchased for 100% of the face value starting at €10m equivalent value and up to €100 Billion. This series is valued at €10m, €100m, €1B, €10B, €100B and available in the following seven digital coins.

A coupon rate of 10% per annum is payable upon Anniversary of the purchase date. Bondcoins are transferable and available for a period of 10 to 50 years with 10-year exit intervals.

For example if you hold a agricoin supporting food and agriculture projects, then you may wish to transfer your support to aquacoin to support water based projects. The choice is yours but the coupon and returns and values remain unchanged and stable with a guaranteed coupon at 10% and guaranteed buy back at 100% of face value.  A 1% fee will apply to the initial purchase price and exit.