Food, Energy & Water


Total food independence with food farming and fish farming

We will be building VERTCEA (Vertically Controlled Environment Agriculture) or food farms that can grow any type of food in volume in any climatic condition with the minimal use of water but with no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Another ma in feature of the Freezones will be the large volume fish farms utilizing the best technologies for the sustainable growing of over 40 species of fresh water and salt water fish and shell fish.

Processing and manufacturing plants and facilities to take the produce from all kinds of farms and producers for items such as juices, ketchup, packaged fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, etc.
Even Retailing of Foods and technologies will take place through strategic Partnerships.

Next Generation Energy Solutions

We will employ the latest Waste to Energy (W2E) and Gasification technology to generate huge amounts of Energy. We will delivery ground breaking Alternative Energy Systems as Power Stations for National Grids, Localised Grids for Towns and Villages, right down to Single Units for an Office or Factory or even a Home. We will be setting up Manufacturing facilities to cope with the demands we know are needed to supply the Markets for them. We will be employing all of these technologies firstly into our new Super Cities and Future Cities that are being Designed and Built in the Desert Areas of the World as well as the Developing nations of the World that will utilise the alternatives we offer even before so called first world nations do.

Clean Structured Drinking Water

From cleaning existing water through new methods and technology for waste water treatment to Ultra Large-Scale Desalination Plants capable of Millions of gallons of clean, structured drinking water. The Clean Drinking Water and Water Treatment Plants will be run from our virtually unlimited sources of Alternative Energy Technologies.