Regional Offices

South America & The Islands region

Belton Bass – Regional President

Belton Bass has always been interested in the development of humanity, he knows that the conventional rules of solving the world’s issues have to change. After 14 years of commercial experience in the corporate arena and running his own business he realized that most of his experience was immaterial… apart from his passion to understand and work with people. By focusing on human development, he is using his passion to project-manage humanitarian initiatives with UHTf. He is committed to the development of a sustainable community model, by collaborating with both intentional and existing communities for growth far beyond the 21st Century.

Africa region

Fred Oduro-Sarpong – Regional President

“As Africa’s regional President of UHTf we seek to assist and develop the vast and untapped rich resources that are trapped within the people of a Nation. My aim as President is to partner with each Country to help release the powerful hidden potential in its people and achieve economic independence.

Backed by drive, enthusiasm and passion, my charity work over the past several years has enabled me to improve the lives of others here in the UK and across the African continent. Now, with the UHTf platform, I am blessed with the position to un-lock each Country’s rich natural resources to help them reach self-sustainability and become a leader in the global market”.

Asia-Pacific region

Brendan Merrick – Regional President

Brendan Merrick has been working in the humanitarian field for over fifteen years with experience in education, alternative and green energy projects. He developed and implemented literacy and education programs throughout the Asia-Pacific region working with such groups as the indigenous people’s of Australia, New Zealand and the other surrounding Pacific Islands. He is qualified in the field of project management with experience in both marketing and public relations. Currently a co-founder of the Marine Foundation based out of Japan. Brendan represents eco built systems for developing eco community centres along with aquaponics farming projects.

“From the desk of our Asian Pacific UHTf portfolio, myself and my specialist management team will be seeking to assist nations, within our regions to develop their self sustainability, through real and viable projects that address particularly the subjects of food, energy and water, whilst at the same time helping with the training and development of the peoples’ of these nations, through carefully constructed training and development programs and campaigns.