Alternative Health & Wellbeing

Alternative Medicines, Treatments and Therapies

The foundation ONLY works within the realms of Alternative Medicines, Treatments and Therapies. We are investing heavily into the creation and positioning globally of Alternative Therapy Clinics for Prime Care. Inside these Clinics we will conduct Research & Development into all alternatives and technologies to find and implement programs to not just treat but to cure major diseases and illnesses. We intend to make the need for mass vaccinations a thing of the past.

We are developing bleeding edge technologies employing Tesla Technology and methods of working using frequencies and natural based therapies. We will be using non-invasive surgeries when required and again utilise the latest equipment and techniques.

The foundation will educate people on how to cure yourself whenever possible and give direct FREE access to books and information to help humanity to move away from Big Pharma Corporations who only wish to make vast profits for the Banks and so-called elites, this has to stop. We will develop and distribute via our retail outlets globally and online, Vitamins and Medicines that are 100% organic and natural, non-GMO commodities will always be used in any ingredients used in our Clinics and Stores.

UHTf will be the primary funders for projects from Dr Al with his cures and Dr Drake with ALL of her projects with her great team, first major project is the AMPCOIL device. We highly recommend that you look-into technologies such as this as a natural way to balance your energy flows and take out any blockages which are the usual cause of a lot of ailments and reasons for being unwell.

The world is about to change in a major way and virtually unlimited funding streams will be made available for anything Alternative in this fields of Health & Wellbeing. UHTf will also be promoting all of the products and services to its wallet holders for its Digital Currencies. Our global vision is to assist in making ALL healthcare FREE AT THE POINT OF DELIVERY, sort of an NHS (National Health Service, UK) on steroids, so to speak.