Global Project Plan


Here is the list of major projects currently undertaken by UHTf. They represent the massive commitment UHTf, is making to Humanity and the enhancement and upgrade of mankind. The future is not in a 1984 Dystopian Nightmare that is currently on offer from the failing system of Illusionary misinformation agents. UHTf is delivering the following projects and is using its first placed project as a means of funding such a grand plan for Humanity. The entry point is the REVO. This New Fully Asset Backed Digital Currency is set to become a more common used currency than say the EURO; spend and save using REVOs as you watch EUROs lose their appeal during the financial meltdown. This list below of Super Projects are being undertaken by UHTf to show the People of the world, and all the Nations and Governments what is possible with a little imagination and desire. Hopefully the World and its People will become inspired to emulate such projects, maybe not on such an enormous scale but in the essence of working with Food, Energy, Water and Infrastructure, utilising new and emerging technologies that will make all the difference when future proofing Humanity against possible future issues.

UHTf have undertaken the task of bringing forward new balance in the Universe, and on Earth, to the Financial and Banking sectors by bringing forward the New Asset Backed Currency – REVO. This is the first of many projects within a project format, a Digital Currency that has sufficient numbers of coins to be a real currency. We intend to stabilize the coin at the €10 mark and are to get mass distribution of the coin in the coming year (2019-2020). Coming soon will be additional attributes to an Ecosystem that will dwarf the current Crypto currency Market. Maybe soon all currencies will be quoted in REVOs.

It will be over a Million Acres of desert being transformed into an OASIS Project, where Seven new major future cities based on Major Smart City scapes using leading edge and bleeding edge technologies to support Food, Energy and Water production are to be constructed. Massive Solar Arrays will be constructed to cover Food Production facilities and Aquaculture Farms as well as Manufacturing and Processing facilities. The communities living in the new cities will give their energy working on the projects capable of supporting not just Egypt, but the whole of Africa and the Middle East with Food, Energy and Water and other items. It will use a New Canal coming into the desert from the Mediterranean Sea on the North Coast of Egypt.

This Project is made up of major projects committed to be completed by the Original Asset Owners upon release of the funds and assets for Humanitarian Projects globally. Now that UHTf have taken on the task of doing such Projects using the Assets as they were intended, the China & Asia Region will see the benefits pledged many many years ago. UHTf will manage this process for the benefit of the People of the China & Asia Region as per the Original Promise and Mandate. It will encompass Infrastructure, Food, Energy and Water Projects to sustain life in this whole region.

This is a massive undertaking and will be placed in Australia, called the OUTBACK Project. It may become necessary to build out Outback 1, 2 and 3, being that this project is meant to not just feed and supply energy and clean water to Australia, but to do the same for the whole of the Asia Pacific Region. Massive Solar Arrays will stretch across this baron region of Australia. Below will be VERTCEA, Vertical Controlled Environment Agriculture developed by UHTf to Feed The World and include Aquaculture and other methods of food production including Dairy and others. It will also support the UHTf desire to protect and bring back the Great Barrier Reef by using the Aquaculture farms to restock and replenish the Reef with its rich marine life to stimulate it to regenerate to former glory.

This is the Future City to be built by UHTf and ironically it is being built for the Maroon Nation in Jamaica. This is the location where the slave trade brought their cargo from Africa before being deployed to work in America and in the Caribbean. The Slaves escaped and through conflict over time won their freedom from tyranny and enslavement to form their own Nation and sign a Treaty over 280 years ago. Its upgrade time for this Nation, where UHTf are now about to break ground on this monumental project paying homage to The Venus Project and its key principals, whilst adding its very own Technologies for Construction, Food Production, Energy Generation, Clean Water Systems and Ecological Sustainable Infrastructure and Implementation of Community. The Nation will be the first to fully use REVOs as their currency issued by the Central Bank owned by UHTf.

This Project was designed very specifically to bring back and protect the Lungs of the Planet, the Rainforest of Brazil and Amazonia, hence the AMAZON Project. We intend to take back the land devastated and destroyed by illegal logging and farming practices, sometimes not done through greed but by ignorance or desperation to survive. We will be looking to offer homes, food, energy and water, healthcare and education to the people carrying out such practices, therefore not ever being in conflict with anyone, but seeking to re-educate them to better practices and to redeploy their skills to sustain such a necessary global asset. We will be replanting the rainforest destroyed over the last 20 years or so and bringing back this wonder of the world for future generations to marvel in its beauty as well as its contributory factors to the future survival and existence of humanity. Again, to be seen from space like the Great Wall of China, but with absolute purpose not to simply defend the Rainforest but to feed South America and beyond. Again it will produce Food, Energy and Water and employ millions in its operations and on into and way beyond the construction phase.

Revived from the past project known as the NAWAPA Project desired by JFK before his untimely demise, we bring forward this renamed and revised Project based on our new technologies and benefits that can be used in such a grand project. Bring water from the snow filled mountains in Canada, through the Great Lakes and Rivers, whilst constructing new Channels and Canals throughout North America to bring fresh water to drought ridden areas and to compliment others for Food Production. But we will also include new Farming methods using VERTCEA and Aquaculture, also generating Energy sustainably using our ecological energy generation technologies. This project will be based out of Michigan to start with, as this state really needs a hand to bring it back to former glory, and due its unique position on the border with Canada and on the Great Lakes itself. It has excellent links on the rivers and a good rail network that can move engineering and construction materials to sites across the USA. It will help to resurrect Detroit too, as it needs fresh impetus and lifeblood to regenerate it and the rest of Michigan.

This project is all about going back to go forward, to the times where everything happened locally not Globally. Globalization, the design of the Banks and so-called Elite to suck the life out of Humanity and the Planet to make more money for their greed driven Families. Imagine a world where Local Communities grow their own food, produce their own energy, have access to clean, fresh water, and operate their own fish farms and Aquaculture Projects to sustain themselves. Let’s take the Greed out of Mankind, let’s forget superfluous consumerism and return to basics, sustainability and caring for each other’s welfare. Globalism is where you grow food, and then you are told that you have to ship it to a far-away land where it is needed. You then must sell it cheap enough for them to buy it, then you have to go and work with your Bankers to organize the SBLC, the BG, the money transfer, the currency swap, the ship, the fuel for the ship, the insurance for the ship and your food. No wonder the Banks grew FAT on that little dream of profit. Let’s forget Globalisation and bring back LOCALISATION.

The Local Community at work and in unison of sustainability and economic growth, maybe even growing organic food and non-GMO crops, wow, what a dream and what positive vision.


  • Carthia – Tunisia, a new future city and free-zone on the coastal region of North Africa
  • UHUHf – United Humanitarian Universal Health foundation
  • UHDRf – United Humanitarian Disaster Relief foundation
  • Ecomotiv – Future of electric powered transportation vehicles and infrastructure


Ecomotiv is UHTf’s project for the future of Electric Transportation Vehicles and Infrastructure within new Super Ecologically Friendly Towns, Cities and Sustainable Environments. From Scooters, Cars, Vans, Trucks, SUV’s, Buses, Trams, Monorails, Maglev and Future Electric Trains, Helicopters, Planes, Yachts and Commercial Shipping. All of these necessary modes of transport and their infrastructure will be ELECTRIC and designed, built and provided by ECOMOTIV and UHTf.